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Save each other from heartache
for the time that you are together is short

For even if you are united by many years
one day they will seem like minutes to you


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Some days are just a copy

Of a day you had before
You flash yourself thinking
You can’t take it anymore
Never feels more alone
When you’re in a crowded room
And bang your head to a wall
You feel nothing, nothing at all”

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I came so far for beauty 

I left so much behind 
My patience and my family 
My masterpiece unsigned 
I thought I’d be rewarded 
For such a lonely choice 
And surely she would answer 
To such a very hopeless voice “

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i’ll watch you fade away 

wont think of you as gone 
forever in a dream, you’ll never be alone. 
i’ll watch you fade away 
wont think of you as gone 
forever falls away and now your lost in memory 
stay ugly 
stay ugly 
stay ugly for me “

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"How does it feel left alone? 
How does it feel to be unknown? 
I travel around 
I travel alone 
I travel beneath 
I travel beyond 
This bird has flown 

It all ends in oblivion”

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She smiled and said to me 
(it still hurts) 
Now you’re on your own “

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Another hope feeds another dream
Another truth installed by the machine
A secret wish of married lies
Today comes true what common sense denies”

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In your memory there are words unspoken
In your memory there is a silence broken
And if there is a sky where the angel meets the ghost
And if there is a God
I am the one to hurt you the most”

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Do they know 
They have slept for so long
Do they know 
The taste of their tongue 
Do they know 
They are trapped 

Let’s celebrate the modern end 
Let the world begin again 
Celebrate the renaissance man”

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Been listening to Seigmen all day and reminiscing my high school years.